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Your investment protects you from rising energy costs. We protect your investment.

Our FREE FullCoverage insurance plan, provided in partnership with ERGO insurance, gives you peace of mind, even if the sun isn’t shining on you.

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More than just paying for repairs/replacements. You will be paid for loss of earnings if you have defective parts which prevent you from generating electricity.
Never miss out on a penny!

Three pillars of peace of mind.

All-risks coverage.

In the event of the intentional destruction or theft of individual components or the entire system, any repair and restoration costs will be reimbursed. The price reimbursed will always be the price paid for new parts. Earthwork, masonry and scaffolding costs are also covered.​

Insured components;
Photovoltaic system including modules, SOLARWATT Manager flex, storage systems and the technical periphery (mounting elements, cables, measurement, control and regulation technology (M&C), remote monitoring PC) as well as EV chargers. 

Insured events;
Theft, burglary, robbery, looting and property damage due to negligence, user error, electrical surge, water, sabotage, construction and material defects, storm, hail, frost, snow pressure or animal damage.

The insured value is the replacement value of the components. No offset of residual values. The compensation also takes into account price increases due to technological progress.

Loss of use.

As a result of insured damage (also in the event of a warranty claim).​

​A defective solar power system won’t produce electricity. You will be reimbursed for this loss of yield. This will continue to be paid until your system is repaired or rebuilt. This ensures that you, as the operator, are optimally covered in the event of damage. 

The loss is covered for up to 12 months at €2/kWp/day (April to September) or €1/kWp/day (October to March). 

Deductible: € 250 or € 75 for damage within the first 3 years to inverters from the manufacturers Fronius, SMA, SolarEdge and StecaGrid.

Reduced yield.

You should be able to rely on expected yields. If the annual yield from your photovoltaic system falls below the calculated forecast during periods of reduced sunshine, you will also be reimbursed for this loss of income.​

The insurance covers defects and damage to modules and inverters, as well as low global sunshine, but not shading or dirt cover.

Full coverage and best guarantee with SOLARhome
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Thinking long term means long-term savings.

Free home energy survey.

Find out how much you will save and earn with solar PV – along with the finance options we can offer.

Our home energy experts offer genuine payback calculations, all of which are fully certified and validated through EPVS – a third-party quality assurance scheme – ensuring that you only receive genuine and honest advice.

Genuine payback calculations

The Energy Performance Validation Scheme ensures all savings calculations and performance estimates are accurate.

German engineered products

We’re proud to be partners with Solarwatt and to offer their high-performing and innovative glass-glass PV panels.

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