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solar panel battery storage solutions

Solar Battery Systems
from SOLARhome.

The latest solar PV battery storage systems
from SOLARhome.

With a Smart Energy Storage System from SOLARhome you will be able to store surplus
renewable energy that has been generated by your solar panels during the daytime and use it
when you need it.

This maximises your self-consumption, reducing your energy bills all while doing your bit for the
environment by using clean energy.

Solar PV Battery Storage System to Power Your Home

Depending on the time of year your solar panels vary in what they will generate, so managing
your energy consumption is very important.
Solar panels will always generate during daylight hours no matter how much energy you are
using in the home, if you do not use it to power your home it will be exported to the grid. If you
are using more energy in the home than you are generating from your solar, then you are
buying that energy back in from your electricity supplier.

Free home energy survey.

Find out how much you will save and earn with solar PV – along with the finance options we can offer.

Our home energy experts offer genuine payback calculations, all of which are fully certified and validated through EPVS – a third-party quality assurance scheme – ensuring that you only receive genuine and honest advice.

Genuine payback calculations

The Energy Performance Validation Scheme ensures all savings calculations and performance estimates are accurate.

German engineered products

We’re proud to be partners with Solarwatt and to offer their high-performing and innovative glass-glass PV panels.

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