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Innovative, high quality Solarwatt glass-glass PV panels from SOLARhome.

At SOLARhome, we understand that there can be a lot of confusing information when choosing renewable energy products.

We’re here to make that choice simple by only offering the very best products not just in terms of performance and quality but also longevity and technological innovation.

That’s why we’re proud to be Solarwatt Premium Partners and to exclusively offer their high quality glass-glass PV panels with market-leading 30 year product and performance warranties as well as comprehensive 5 year FullCoverage insurance.

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Building for the future.

Most photovoltaic panels are constructed using glass on the front and foil on the back. This foil becomes increasingly susceptible to external influences over time. In contrast, glass hardly shows any signs of aging or wear and tear as it ages. Taking full advantage of this, Solarwatt fuse two thermally tempered glass plates and two layers of foil to form a composite that optimally protects the sensitive solar cells within.

Thinking long term means long-term savings.

The robust construction of Solarwatt panels from SOLARhome means they last longer, they can deliver consistently high output for longer too. This means that over time, you’ll achieve a significantly higher yield.
Investing in glass-glass panels makes good financial sense with a significantly better investment vs. yield over the product lifetime.

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Hard on the outside.
Smart on the inside.

Not all solar panels are the same.

All Solarwatt PV panels from SOLARhome feature the latest PERC half-cut monocrystalline solar cell technology to ensure maximum reliability and consistently high yields for years to come.

Cutting edge technology from Solarwatt brought to you by SOLARhome.

PERC stands for ‘passivated emitter and rear contact’ or sometimes ‘rear cell’. Solar panels manufactured with PERC cells, have an additional layer on the back of the traditional solar cells. This additional layer allows more sunlight to be captured and turned into electricity, making PERC cells more efficient than traditional cells. PERC cells are also able to prevent longer light wavelengths from the sun becoming heat that would otherwise impair the cell’s performance.

Panels for even the harshest conditions.

Powerful PERC solar cells are sensitive by nature – so, in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes utilised by Solarwatt, the cells are enclosed on both sides with thermally tempered glass. This makes our glass-glass panels significantly more robust than traditional glass-foil panels. With this protection, mechanical stresses caused by hail, harsh weather or snow won’t lead to microcracks and the cells are generally less susceptible to damage. Other highly aggressive agents such as salt spray or ammonia are also unable to penetrate the glass. And because glass doesn’t age like other materials, even time itself would struggle to take its toll.

Performance of glass-glass vs glass-foil modules under stress
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Features of Solarwatt glass-glass panels from SOLARhome.

  • Monocrystalline bifacial PERC half-cut-cells
  • Robust 35mm frame
  • Tempered solar glass with anti-reflective finish
  • Intensive hailstorm resistant
  • Storm resistant
  • Wind resistant
  • Salt mist resistant certified
  • Ammonia resistant certified
  • Snow load warranty
  • Sand resistant
  • 100% positive power sorting
  • 30 years product warranty
  • 30 year performance warranty
  • FullCoverage insurance

Free home energy survey.

Find out how much you will save and earn with solar PV – along with the finance options we can offer.

Our home energy experts offer genuine payback calculations, all of which are fully certified and validated through EPVS – a third-party quality assurance scheme – ensuring that you only receive genuine and honest advice.

Genuine payback calculations

The Energy Performance Validation Scheme ensures all savings calculations and performance estimates are accurate.

German engineered products

We’re proud to be partners with Solarwatt and to offer their high-performing and innovative glass-glass PV panels.

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