Why Solar

why invest in solar panels

Solar PV systems
that last a lifetime.

Why invest in solar panels?

  • You are already committed to spending the money via your energy bills anyway.
  • Energy bills are higher than ever
  • The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) pays you for all exported clean power.

Energy prices have never been higher.

Energy prices have been steadily increasing year on year.
These increases have, on average, been ahead of inflation. And now we find ourselves in an energy crisis.

why invest in solar pv

0% VAT

There’s no better time to invest in solar PV.

Good reasons to go green.

  • Protect the environment.
  • Cut your carbon footprint.
  • No harmful emissions or polluting gases.
  • Very safe and highly reliable.
  • Estimated lifetime of 30+ years.
  • Save on your imported energy costs.

Free home energy survey.

Find out how much you will save and earn with solar PV – along with the finance options we can offer.

Our home energy experts offer genuine payback calculations, all of which are fully certified and validated through EPVS – a third-party quality assurance scheme – ensuring that you only receive genuine and honest advice.

Genuine payback calculations

The Energy Performance Validation Scheme ensures all savings calculations and performance estimates are accurate.

German engineered products

We’re proud to be partners with Solarwatt and to offer their high-performing and innovative glass-glass PV panels.

About the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

The SEG launched on 1 January 2020 and is a government-backed initiative. The SEG requires some electricity suppliers (SEG Licensees) to pay small-scale generators (SEG Generators) for low-carbon electricity which they export back into the National Grid, providing certain criteria are met. With an installation of solar PV at your home, you become an SEG generator.

You can apply for an SEG tariff with any SEG Licensee – it does not have to be the same company as your current energy supplier.

To record how much energy you have exported to the National Grid, you will need to request a smart meter from your supplier, if you do not already have one, after your installation.

For PV, you will also be required to demonstrate that your installation is suitably certified. SOLARhome is an MCS Certified installer meaning your installation will automatically be eligible for the SEG.

Choose SOLARhome as your installer.

SOLARhome as
your installer.

Government endorsed quality.

TrustMark provides a high level of assurance, certainty and protection to homeowners looking to have work done in and around their homes.

TrustMark Registered Businesses are thoroughly vetted and continually monitored to ensure they meet required standards in technical competence, customer service and trading practices, so homeowners can be sure they’re making the right choice.

And, if anything should go wrong, TrustMark has that covered too as registered businesses must provide guarantees on their work and have a clear and simple disputes resolution process in place.

Man with see through Solarwatt glass-glass panel

Thinking long term means long-term savings.

solar panel installation by SOLARhome

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