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SOLARhome are a local install team you can trust.
Solar installs and battery storage systems from SOLARhome include externally verified energy savings calculations, financing options and market-leading insurance. Speak to our team today for a price, or for friendly advice on hone energy savings.

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    Why Invest In Solar Panels?

    • You are already committed to spending the money via your energy bills anyway.
    • Energy bills are higher than ever
    • The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) pays you for all exported clean power.

    Energy Prices Have Never Been Higher.

    Energy prices have been steadily increasing year on year.
    These increases have, on average, been ahead of inflation. And now we find ourselves in an energy crisis

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    Choosing a Solar Panel Installer

    When you’ve decided to make an investment in your home, and in your future, it is important that you find the right people for the job. Here are some things to consider.

    • Is the installer authorised to install solar panels and sign them off? (Requires MCS accreditation).
    • Are the prospective installers taking the time to assess your property, your current electrical setup, and your unique needs before sending over a quotation?
    • Are the installers providing you with accurate payback calculations – and how have they generated the savings figures?
    • Will the installers offer you suitable solar PV insurance, which also covers you for loss of earnings, if something were to need repairing?

    Free Energy Surveys

    Our fully trained solar energy experts will provide you with the following, completely Free Of Charge, prior to installation:

    Technical Survey

    Technical Survey

    Measure Roof, establish suitable cable runs, inverter & battery locations.

    Structural Survey

    Structural Survey &

    Wind Load Calculations

    For the structural integrity of your property.

    Install Visualisation

    Install Visualisation

    Our advanced software will create an accurate visualisation, so you can visualise your new solar array on your roof, before any tiles are moved!


    Verified Savings / Payback Calculations

    All of our performance estimates are externally verified through the Energy Performance Validation Scheme. 


    Energy Saving Advice

    Free tips and advice on how to maximise your savings

    Solar Panel Finance & Funding Options

    Speak to our Solar Energy Experts for finance options, or to find out what support, incentives and funding options are available.

    or speak to us on 01206 878 599 for a quick estimate!

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    With all SOLARhome installs you will benefit from the Market-Leading

    FullCoverage Insurance

    More than just paying for repairs/replacements. You will be paid for loss of earnings if you have defective parts which prevent you from generating electricity.
    Never miss out on a penny!

    A local name you can trust.

    Our home energy experts offer genuine payback calculations, all of which are fully certified and validated through EPVS – a third-party quality assurance scheme – ensuring that you only receive genuine and honest advice.

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    “Using a member of HIES gives you the trust, confidence and peace of mind you deserve.”

    George Clarke – HIES Ambassador

    “If you are buying renewable products, I strongly advise you to use a member of HIES.

    Nick Ross – Previous HIES Ambassador

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